"anyone can take a picture...a person with a passion cAN see the photograph before it's taken."

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Hello & welcome! 

I'm Meg Stanislaw, owner and photographer at Intimate Portraits, LLC. Intimate Portraits was established in 2007 and I have loved every moment since. My photography business is my passion. It's where I express my talents, dream, create art with others, drink lots of coffee and live life with a smile on my face. I absolutely love what I do and hope it shows in all the work I produce. I have been a professional photographer for over ten years and earned a degree in photography from Northwest College in Powell, WY. I have assisted numerous photographers in various locations including Wyoming, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Colorado. I have learned so much by participating in many different fields of photography including fashion, architecture, commercial, and portraiture. I found my true calling in portraiture because I love the dynamic of getting to know my clients, watching their families grow, and becoming a huge part of their world; your world. So, I decided this is where I wanted to be. This is why I chose the name Intimate Portraits for my business; because you are not just a client to me, you are so much more. Capturing the moment as two people commit their lives to each other, families growing over the period of many years, changing the look of a business by making you shine in the corporate world, is incredible. Sharing in a mother's cry as she witnesses her 18-year-old daughter become a woman while viewing her senior photographs is beautiful. I get to cry, smile, and laugh with my clients, and experience the joy of capturing the times in life that only happen once. I am so blessed that God has given me the opportunity to be a part of all of this and with the beautiful gift of turning life's most intimate moments into art. Intimate Portraits goes beyond just taking photographs. The sole purpose of my photography is to capture the intimate moments, emotions, and relationships you and your loved ones share that make up the story of your lives. It is understanding that you are much more than just a client, but also the family or individual who wants memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome, and thank you for choosing Intimate Portraits, LLC. I look forward to working with you and turning your life into art!  

Meg J. Stanislaw




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