With dreams of spending her days in Paris strolling along the Seine river and frequenting the grounds of the Eiffel Tower, she is the lead artist behind it all whose influence is immense throughout the entire company. Serious and direct nearly all of the time, and a game face like no other, she facilitates the creativity and timeliness of the other employees while
constantly developing new and exciting ventures to explore throughout the year. Having built the brand of Intimate Portraits upon the phrase, “Life into art,” she’s always seeking to take client relations to the next level while maintaining a robust professionalism in every creative and artistic expression of the photography process from beginning to satisfactory end. There is no facet of the operation dealing with either the business or artistic side that she is not heavily involved with and overseeing; she is the quintessential go-getter. 



The heart and soul of Intimate Portraits, she captures the beauty of both client and environment with every photo, searching high and low for the perfect surroundings and chasing the proper lighting conditions of each day. Our ‘light finder’ is eccentric, yet professional, and sometimes a bit messy, but her strong work ethic, determination, and quick thinking always produce the images you’ve come to know and love, and is the reason for the ongoing success of the
business after 10 years. 



Flying high with dreams of grandeur on the streets of Beverly Hills and the runways of Paris, she views each client as a blank slate and canvass of potential awaiting the true expression of their fashion-forward self while maintaining a love for the classic beauty of the black and white portraits of a bygone Hollywood era. Knowing full well that wardrobe and style
decisions can make or break a photo shoot, she works hard to help each client achieve a ‘dressed to impress’ look while
remaining comfortably themselves. Whether dresses or skirts, blazers or slacks (never shorts!), each man, woman, senior, and child is guaranteed to look and feel their best.  



Possessing an acute pulse on all things happening in the world of social media and a sharp eye for cutting edge marketing materials, she’s vibrant, outgoing, and always full of smiles and laughter around the office. While never taking
herself too seriously, she views connecting with others as vital to the entire enterprise of joining together artistic expression with social media imagination. When she’s not gearing up for the next round of posts, composing beautiful materials for her clients, or designing her trend-setting website (launching soon!), you’ll find her getting lost in Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.



The often unrecognized desk jockey with an affinity for strong coffee, popcorn, and long hours at the office, she is
responsible for bringing the images from each session fully to life with her artistic eye, knowledge and skill of Photoshop, and impressive editing techniques—the magic touch. While laid back and a procrastinator by nature, little doubt remains as to the quality of the completed photos upon which she has worked in order to enhance and refine their natural beauty.



Numbers, spreadsheets, and the bottom line are her areas of expertise. From the processing of sales to ensuring that all
 incoming and outgoing monetary transactions are completed without complication, she’s always on point when it comes to knowing the financial ins and outs of the business at all times. A bit dry and math-brained, she’ll occasionally let loose and allow for fun and exciting expenditures like photography conferences, massages for the employees, and lunch dates with the Lead Editor. 



Office manager extraordinaire, she’s a tad on the bland side and mostly keeps to herself, but she facilitates all things around the workplace to keep the ship running tightly. From matching gold staplers and scissors, and stocking supplies, to USB flash-drives and a cutting edge office environment, she takes everyone’s needs and the first impression of the client very seriously. She’s second-to-none when it comes to answering emails, responding to client requests, scheduling appointments, and ensuring all business meetings are on schedule and on point.



Sassy, classy, and knows her stuff, her idea of sales is dependent upon a strong sense of the client’s vision and the ideal art pieces for their individual needs. While a hard-nosed New Yorker at heart with big city ambitions, she goes against the grain of a sales-at-all-costs approach, viewing the perfect pairing of portrait and client happiness as her ultimate goal. In a digital world, she’ll show you an appreciation for the look of beautiful prints on your walls and the feel of portrait albums in your hands. When it comes to getting you what you want and helping you decide on what will look best, there’s no one like her.



The brains of the group and an introvert by nature, she has a handle on the latest professional hardware and software, in addition to providing routine maintenance and troubleshooting solutions on all physical and digital systems. Quirky, perhaps, but her tech skills are always on point even when she’s distracted by hours-long binges on Netflix and Amazon. When she does go out, it’s typically to the movies with the Lead Editor to enjoy Marvel and DC comics, most recently falling in love with Guardians Volume 2’s adorable Groot and its killer 80’s soundtrack. #Iamgroot 



Often long-winded and verbose, though witty and possessing an affinity for words rivaled only by his love of literature, his
responsibility relates directly to any and all written communication whether on social media, via email, the business website, or as presented on the marketing materials. Believing in a strong sense of precision and clarity, he’s always working hard to accurately convey the ideas of each co-worker while maintaining a flair for the beauty of language throughout to complement the profoundly artistic nature of the business itself. As the company’s secret weapon and number one supporter throughout the years—and also its only employee whose services are pro bono—his work for Intimate Portraits is an unending labor of love. As a matter of fact, he (me) is writing all of this right now.